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We work with the management teams of the firms we invest in to analyze the current situation and create an action plan to achieve our common objectives: boost international growth, evaluate potential acquisitions, and think through certain operational procedures.

As part of the collaborative approach between Capital Export and the companies we support, we suggest 3 active steps in the weeks or months following our equity investment: International, Build-Up, and Process.

Our main areas of focus are:
- Assessment of the company's "market-country portfolio"
- Evaluation of the company's international priorities, designed to bolster or establish a strong, long-term position in international markets
- Analysis of the company's operational and financial needs
- Mobilization of subsidies and dedicated financing (in collaboration with our experts, whether they are French, from the target country, or European)

We offer to help all the companies we work with examine their operational processes.

This approach serves to identify priority issues, such as the company's general organizational structure, action and sales tracking processes, logistics or purchasing flows, management and financing of customer receivables, the information system, insurance policies, etc.

Depending on the situation, we may call on trusted experts that Capital Export works with on a regular basis.

Acquisitions can serve as an effective growth driver allowing a company to quickly conquer new markets. It is therefore important for Capital Export and the company we invest in to establish a structured process to identify potential targets in France and abroad in order for this selective acquisition strategy to be successful.

In order to take advantage of the best opportunities (markets, size, valuation, etc.), we can also call on experts or brokers if necessary.

Once this list of potential targets has been created, certain actions can be taken immediately to move forward on the first acquisition opportunities.

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