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About Capital Export

We support exporting firms in highly specialized niche markets,
with up to €100M in turnover.

We invest between €5 and 15M per transaction,
including potential build-ups.

We oversee the transfer of exporting firms to experienced and committed executives or buyer-managers (MBO/MBI/BIMBO).

We offer owners the option to sell their company while conserving a majority or minority stake in the company (OBO), depending on their preference.

When the opportunity presents itself, we can involve subscribers or partner investors in the transactions we orchestrate.

Investment strategy

Capital Export supports innovative industrial or B2B companies with distinctive technical or technological expertise and long-term development potential that want to begin or accelerate their international expansion through internal growth and/or acquisitions.

We seek out companies whose leaders share our deep conviction that international expansion is the key to their firm’s future growth, viability, and strategic value.

Capital Export makes majority or minority investments exclusively in ownership buyouts or sales to key company executives or external managers. Our operating structure allows us to offer flexible support without rigid deadlines during the various strategic (and sometimes shareholder) phases to companies with long-term development drivers.

The funds invested, generally between €5 and 15M, can include reinvestments through major strategic projects, particularly acquisitions.



Our subscribers include captains of industry and entrepreneurs with specific experience in international expansion who are happy to share their knowledge with the companies we work with.

A significant part of Capital Export's capital comes from institutional investors (banks, insurance companies, pension funds).

We have a close relationship with our subscribers that occasionally inspires some of them to co-invest in our projects.